TV From the Smartphone

The problem with using an antenna for viewing our favorite TV shows is sometimes we can’t pick up the station.  Enter the Smartphone with the appropriate App and a set of wires hooked up to the HDMI port and the phone and it’s charger.


The first set I ordered had an adapter to change 5 pin plug to an 11 pin plug that the Samsung S4 needed.  This worked so well I ordered 2 more sets.  These had a different name on them and didn’t work at all.  I ordered again and this time I ordered the 11 pin plug that needed no additional adapter.  Success!

secondHDMIfront secondHDMIback

With the Apps from ABC, FOX, NBC and CBS we can now watch our shows anywhere we get data.  We have Verizon (unlimited data plan!) so that is pretty much everywhere we go.


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